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RLS/PLS Platform scale for tire weighing solution

• Frame structure, imported PVC weighing belt, soft contact with tire

• Meet the weighing requirements of different tire sizes
• WB702IL high-strength alloy steel load cell can withstand high-strength weighing and impact weighing
• The overall structure is simple and perfectly meets the weight detection and data upload in the tire production process

AGV pallet lifting weighing solution。 
• Four independent weighing units to lift the pallet for weighing
• Reliable oil cylinder lifting to meet the automatic Pallet transfer of AGV trolley
• optical Grating protection, lifting limit protection, safe and reliable
• Visual operation interface, docking weighing data with MES system, judging and recording weighing results, and informing AGV car to automatically pick up and deliver goods
• Scan bar code information of tray, match with MES system

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