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PTA Electronic hand pallet scale

The electronic hand pallet scale realizes the synchronous transportation and weighing of goods, with the advantages of small size,pushing light ,free lifting, convenient turning, accurate measurement, etc.

Standard configuration: RS232 + 485 serial port, printer can be connected
standard lead-acid battery: 4ah, single charge can work for 24 hours
It with Bluetooth, WiFi function and wireless upload of weighing data
Hydraulic manual lifting
Polyurethane roller

• RGS industrial high precision balance
• Swiss technology, laboratory precision, industrial application
• It adopts digital vibrating string quality load cell, which has high adaptability, high reliability, high repeatability and high stability to the environment
• Up to 75000e calibration value
• Support multi capacity and multi precision application
• Load cell  digital interface communication Configure id511 weighing display , standard configuration: RS232 + RS232 / 485
• Up to 75000e certification division value
• Support multi capacity and multi precision application
• Load cell digital interface communication


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